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8 $0.99 Ebooks for the Kindle About Sports!

 by Mike Yorkey Print List Price: $12.99 Kindle Price: $0.99 (Save 92%)    by Pauline Creeden Print List Price: $6.99 Kindle Price: $0.99 (Save 86%)    by Paul Villanueva Kindle Price: $0.99    by Chad Gibbs Print List Price: $8.25 Kindle Price: $0.99 (Save 88%)    by Eddie Williams Kindle Price: $0.99    by David McIntosh Kindle Price: $0.99    by David […]

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Book Deals for Athletes and Coaches

 by Fellowship of Christian Athletes Price: $2.33 Has our culture lost integrity in sports? Athletes of all levels experience temptation to cheat, whether you knew you were out of bounds and it wasn’t called, you cut a cross-country course short or started using steroids you knew were banned. Does is really matter? It does! The […]

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7.28.14 Sports

Monday, July 28, 2014: Kindle Deal of the Day!

 by Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Holman Bible Staff Kindle Price: $1.99 This all new Bible for young athletes (aged 8 – 12) is designed to help young Christians hone their body, mind and spirit to transform into athletes for Christ. Besides including all the books of the Bible, the FCA Team Bible includes 32 pages […]

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Monday, July 21, 2014: Kindle Deal of the Day!

 by Julie Caldwell, Leah O’Brien-Amico, Amber Jackson and Sara Mason Digital List Price: $2.99 Kindle Price: $2.34 The American culture has been captivated by sports for years and there is a lot of pressure put on athletes to always win. There are many lessons that sports – football, baseball, equestrian, running, soccer, basketball, volleyball – […]

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7-14-14 Sports Kindle

Monday, July 14, 2014 Kindle Deal of the Day!

by Pauline Creeden Kindle Price: $0.99 Are you a competitive horse racer or jumper? Christian In Training ties the Bible to horsemanship and offers short (but important) lessons in how God is working through you. Each devotional takes about two minutes to read and will help you stay on track for the day. What Readers Say […]

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Deals on Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Books: 07/14/14

Deals on Print Books for Christian Athletes from Fellowship of Christian Athletes  by Jeff Duke, Fellowship of Christian Athletes List Price: $12.99 Print Price: $9.36 There is an estimated 60 million athletes throughout America at all levels. Coaches play a critical role in not only developing a person as an athlete, but also as a person […]

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Giveaway Carson Tinker_New

Summer Reading Giveaway! Win a copy of Carson Tinker’s A Season to Remember: Faith in the Midst of the Storm

Enter to win, and then scroll down to read our interview with former Alabama football player and NFL player Carson Tinker. Carson Tinker Q&A with Former Alabama football player Carson Tinker won glory on the field, but overcame adversity after he was injured and his girlfriend killed by the April 28, 2011 tornado that […]

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Deals on Christian Sports Books: 6/16/14

Here are today’s Christian sports book deals for Christian athletes.  (print book) Print List Price: $29.99 Sale: $20.35 Savings: $9.64 (32%) Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) wrote this book as another way of reaching athletes, coaches and students and features testimonials from many professional athletes. It’s an excellent book for athletes at all levels for […]

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