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Faith Begins @ Home Mom by Mark Holmen

List Price: $6.99

Sale Price: $2.80 (Save 60%)

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a parent is instilling faith in your children. Mothers have a special bond with their kids and can encourage a child to develop strong faith. Faith @ Home Mom offers moms steps, tips and ideas to instill faith in their home.


Infinite Playlists: How to Have Conversations (Not Conflict) with Your Kids About Musicby Todd Stocker

List Price: $9.99

Sale Price: $4.00 (Save 60%)

Kids and parents often hold completely different views of what is considered “good” music. Instead of fighting your child over what CDs and songs they can buy, turn it into an opportunity to have a healthy conversation. Infinite Playlists walks parents through how to do this and explains how music influences kids.


Raise Him Up: A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Successful Black Man by Derrick Moore, Stephanie Perry Moore

List Price: $9.99

Sale Price: $4.00

All single mothers face adversity, but African-American single mothers often experience this at a much greater level. Raise Him Up deals with the problems that African-American mothers face and gives encouragement, support and hope backed up with scripture and prayers. You can raise a Godly son that doesn’t make the mistakes of those around him.


I Want to Teach My Child about Values by Marcy W. Bryan

List Price: $9.99

Sale Price: $4.00 (Save 60%)

Children and teens do not learn important values over night – it’s something taught to them over and over again. Setting an example is important, but having conversations about manners, fitness, media, money and sex is also important. You can’t shelter your kids from everything so it is critical to take the lead to guiding your minds to developing Godly values.

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