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Carson Tinker Q&A with

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Former Alabama football player Carson Tinker won glory on the field, but overcame adversity after he was injured and his girlfriend killed by the April 28, 2011 tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His experience on and off the field is chronicled in this book penned by Tinker and Tommy Ford with an introduction by Alabama football coach Nick Saban. The book is an inspirational story of faith and hard work.

In life, there are monumental events that are forever seared into our minds and our memories. These monumental events include the likes of the attacks on September 11, 2001 or the Oklahoma City bombing. However, what often goes unnoticed are the individual stories. We remember the big story line, the one that made the nightly news, yet we never really grasp what happened in the lives of the individuals involved. I recognize this because I have personally seen and experienced this. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, I provided support to one of the search and rescue teams. During this time, I was able to minister to those on the team and also the families who were personally affected by the tragedy. Understanding the often neglected personal aspect to these monumental events is what makes reading Carson Tinker’s new book so enjoyable. Carson gives a detailed account of not only the events of that fateful day in which he lost his girlfriend and saw his home completely demolished, but how God had been preparing him beforehand and how God has used him since this day. It is a very encouraging read and one that you will enjoy.

I had the opportunity to talk with Carson Tinker about his book, A Season to Remember: Faith in the Midst of the Storm.

Q. What has been the response by those within the NFL family to your story as a whole and to your writing of the book?

Carson Tinker: They were all really excited about the release of the book. It was really cool to see how they embraced it. Even guys that I didn’t go to school with and guys that didn’t know my story at first were excited to read it. My teammates have told me the different things they picked up from it.

Q. It is evident that all who follow God have beliefs about Him but not all of those beliefs are cemented through life experience. What beliefs about God became forever cemented in your life through this experience? Simply put, where have the words in scripture moved from concept to personal reality?

Carson Tinker: Everyone says that they believe in God but not everyone believes that God allows the bad things in our lives to help us grow and become the person we need to be. Growing up reading scriptures about Job and other people in the bible facing adversity I couldn’t relate. But after I had gone through adversity personally, those stories became real to me – I could really put myself in their shoes.

Q. I am sure you are able to look at how God had prepared you and your faith for that fateful day. As challenging as it might be, do you ever wonder what that day is preparing you for down the road?

Carson Tinker: I try to live in the present. If I focus on what’s next I will miss the opportunities that are happening now. I feel like God has given me a platform through football and when he is ready to use me for something else he will open those doors for me. His plan for me has been much cooler than any plan I ever had, so I will continue to trust in him.

Q. Considering that experiences, like the one you encountered, change people… what are some changes that have taken root in your life on a daily basis?

Carson Tinker: I don’t go through the motions anymore, I try to posses a genuine passion for everyday now and everything that comes with it.

Q. What are your greatest aspirations for your “Be a Blessing Foundation”? What is the best way for the average person to get involved?

Carson Tinker: I just want to help people with the foundation. Our first thing we are doing is helping recent tornado victims, I would love to end up building a habitat house for someone. I also want to get involved the business school at UA. I think that’s a fantastic way to get more involved in the community.

Five years from now I would love for that to be the go to charity event for volunteers that want to help families in Alabama.

Anyone can get involved at

Q. If you could have added one thing to the book that either did not get written originally or did not make it past the editorial cuts… what is the one thing you would communicate to the reader now that you have had time to see both its impact and the questions that have followed?

Carson Tinker: It took us about two years to write the book and I think I was able to get everything in there that I wanted to. However, I think that it’s really neat that the title talks about a season. I’ve learned since the book came out that it was not only about a football season, but a season of my life. The adversity that I went through was a chapter of my life and I learned so much from it, and now I am in a new chapter, or season, of my life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has ready for me in this season.

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