One of our favorites: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love is one of the best works of Christian fiction. In many ways it is a classic of the genre. Here is our take on why you should consider adding this work to your library while it is 43% off the list price.

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God loves you, no matter what! If you believe this, hope it’s true or wonder about it, then Redeeming Love is what you should read. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate romance novels; this is the exception to the rule.

What would you do?

Imagine God tells you to go and marry a wife who will be unfaithful to you, who will commit adultery, not once but often.  What would your response be?

You’ll probably think it’s not God speaking to you but the devil setting a trap for you. Perhaps you’ll repent of everything you can think of to quiet this voice telling you to do such an absurd thing. After you’ve done everything in your power to shake this voice, the voice is still there, with the same instructions.

What would you do? Would you obey?

Hosea the prophet received those instructions from God, and he obeyed God. His marriage was a symbol to Israel’s idolatry, their whoredom against God.

What is the book about?

Redeeming Love is a story very similar to the story of Hosea the prophet who married Gomer. Every time she committed adultery God told him to take her back, to forgive her, to treat her as his wife.

In Redeeming Love Michael Hosea, a farmer and a man of God, asked God for a wife. He leads him to Angel, a prostitute. Sold into prostitution as a child, Angel doesn’t trust or believe anything a man has to offer.

When Michael tries to convince her he wants to save her and marry her, she’s not interested. The whole idea was too farfetched to even consider. However, when she is badly beaten, extremely desperate, and there’s no other way out, she takes him up on the offer to marry her.

Does Angel stay faithful to Michael? No, she doesn’t because….

Why read the book?

Redeeming Love tells the story of your attempt to survive the struggles in life, the terrible circumstances that devastates you, brings you to your knees. When you meet Jesus Christ, you accept his offer to save you. However, circumstances force you back into your old habits, you don’t want to but you can’t help yourself.

In the back of your mind you don’t think you’re good enough, worth saving. This insecurity and poor self-image allows a vicious circle to repeat itself.

Jesus Christ forgives you every time you repent and asks forgiveness for your sins.

Then one day you understand that he is your Redeemer, that his love is everlasting, and that he really truly loves you.

Is that what happened to Angel?

You’ll have to read Redeeming Love to find out if Angel finally understood what love is all about.

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