4 Francine Rivers Books At Discount Prices

Francine Rivers is globally known for her Christian bestseller romance novels. Her novels have won numerous awards.  She has been received into America’s Hall of Fame of Romance Writers. Here is a look at several Francine Rivers books that promote a Christian worldview and are on sale.

The thread of a Christian theme runs through all her stories. These stories of redemption, love, forgiveness and understanding, speak to your heart, your circumstances, your faith. It inspires you to have hope and faith; to walk closer to Jesus Christ.

Here are 4 recommended books written by Francine Rivers at discount prices. Each book is at least 40% off. So, check them out.

The Scarlet Thread

Alex, Sierra’s husband, accepts a new job and her familiar world abruptly changes. Sierra’s faith is tested when she has to leave everything behind to move to Los Angeles. She discovers a journal of Mary Katherine, an ancestor, who journeyed the Oregon Trail. Her journey of faith becomes intertwined with Mary’s, in seeking God and how to embrace the unknown future. 

Mark of the Lion : A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure As the Dawn (Vol 1-3)

This series will challenge your attitude towards sharing the Gospel of Christ and your choice to live a Christian life dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Mark the Lion Series consist of 3 books:

  1. A Voice in the Wind
  2. An Echo in the Darkness
  3. As Sure as the Dawn

In the Roman Empire, Hadassah, a young slave girl, meets Atretes, a gladiator not long after Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The story describes historical accurate the life and times of Christians during that period. Would love for her gladiator and love for God survive the culture of aristocracy versus slaves? Would it survive persecution of Christians?

The Atonement Child

Rape, unwanted pregnancy and abortion are extremely relevant topics today. How does one deal with this heartache and pain? The Atonement Child grabs your heart and places you in the shoes of Dynah whose life changed instantaneously when she was raped.

How does she resolve this inner battle of what to do about the unwanted pregnancy, the effect it has on her family, and on her life? How does her faith affect the outcome?

 Redeeming Love

God loves you, no matter what! If you believe this, hope it’s true or wonder about it, then Redeeming Love is what you should read. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate romance novels; this is the exception to the rule.

Read more about what to expect with Redeeming Love.

Included in this package is a six-part group reading guide.


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