How to Pick a Great Christian Book

Tips on Picking a Great Christian Book

Here are four tips to find a great Christian book.

There are an unlimited number of metrics that could be used when considering and determining what makes a book good, worthwhile and successful. For example, there are several lists that tout a book’s worth based solely on the number of sales. Yet, but many people are not aware of the duplicity with which these lists are generated. A few companies exist (and are hired at alarming rates) for the sole purpose of helping authors and their books reach the top of these lists.  Therefore, any intellectually honest assessment must agree that the arrival on a best sellers list does not automatically make it a great book – neither does it automatically disqualify it either.  So how does one determine the worth of a book?

You can read about how Faith Book Hub applies our criteria to pick the great Christian books that we spotlight. Here are a few general tips that every Christian could apply when shopping for a new book:

1. Credibility of the author

  • Determine the credibility of the author. The key here, is not to confuse credibility with popularity. Proverbs 22:1 highlights the importance of an individual’s character and reputation.  Therefore, spend a brief amount of time seeking to understand the author’s history and experience that gives them authority on the theme of the book. Secondly, determine the author’s reputation for how they approach and handle scripture. It is not always necessary to read people who think just like you, but it is critical to make sure they approach the Word of God in an appropriate manner.

2. Endorsed the Book

  • Determine the credibility of those who have endorsed the book. Although this is not a perfect metric, the more you see significant and trusted names making endorsements, the more likely the book is worth your time. Again, unfortunately, people are paid for their endorsements, leading to false advertising, but hopefully you will recognize trustworthy names making recommendations.

3. Goals Needs Desires

  • Determine your needs, goals and desires. Obviously if you are looking to invest your time and money in purchasing and reading a book, there is a need, goal and desire attached to it. Maybe you want to deepen your theological understanding (2 Peter 3:18) or maybe you are looking for encouragement and examples for living to the glory of God. If you are not clear on what you want to get out of the book, then you are not going to read with purpose and intention. When this happens, regardless of the quality of the book, you will find it to be boring, useless and a waste of your time, energy and money.

4. Credibility of Suggestions

  • Determine the credibility of those who suggest books to you. Much like the old movie rental store you used to visit with employees making movie suggestions, ask reliable and honest Christians their recommendations. Consider this insight and pray about which book will provide the knowledge you need. Whether it be a friend, colleague or this website, you must determine who you can trust to make worthwhile suggestions. Because of this, you might benefit from finding diamonds in the rough that you will truly enjoy.


Obviously there are many metrics to determine the worth of a book, but keep these suggestions in mind the next time you are standing in the bookstore or looking online for a new book. Another option for finding great books is to try out our recommendations. As mentioned earlier, check out our criteria for picking great Christian books and visit our book recommendation page.

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